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Alternative Ways to Protect Your Natural Defense System

Stress is bound to affect your life from time to time. When it hits, it can disrupt your emotions and your physical health, so you want to create a natural barrier so tat it can’t do much damage to your system.

Stress takes its toll on your immune system. Your immune system is like your army of protection to battle the germs that invade your body. Too much stress weakens the immune system and opens the door for frequent colds and viral infections.

If you’re prone to high stress levels and your immune system is deeply compromised, then you might suffer stronger symptoms of the ailment than if you had your defenses built up.

The doctor can’t prescribe you a magic pill that builds up your immune system, but you can use alternative methods to do the job. Stress reduction techniques are one thing you can do, such as hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, and meditation.

Your nutrition is also important to your immune system. Make sure you get plenty of vitamins and nutrients that balance out your body’s needed intake. Try to eat with the color of the rainbow in mind, mixing a combination of nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Many natural herbs can provide a boost in your immune system, too. Herbs like Astragalus, Sage, Garlic, Honey, mushrooms, and St. John’s Wort all have immunity-enhancing qualities.

Astragalus is generally used as a tonic. In Chinese medicine, it’s been touted to restore the immune system and help tissue cells regenerate. They’ve found it crates a natural obstacle to cancer cell growth, and provides many other health benefits. Specific to the immune system, it increases the white blood cells that act as your army of protection against foreign invaders.

St. John’s Wort and garlic have been active in helping fight Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Aside from inhibiting infections of AIDS patients, they’ve also been known to prevent herpes outbreaks, an obvious sign of their immune-boosting powers.

To help stave off frequent infections, make sure you adhere to a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise and nutrition. But get an added boost by enhancing your immune system with alternative therapies that reduce stress and elevate your body’s natural defense system.

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Debt reduction and elimination is an objective that almost every person in the world wants to reach. People who have enjoyed using credit cards are finally realizing the consequences of their actions and are therefore taking steps to solve their problems. People who want to accomplish the objective of total debt reduction and elimination often turn to experts for help.

Many professionals are available today to help people who want to get rid of their liabilities. This debt reduction and elimination services often analyze a client’s case and think up the best way to meet their objective. Often, this debt reduction and elimination companies will suggest different methods that a person can use to get rid of their obligations. One such method will be discussed in this article.

The meaning of the snowball method of debt elimination and reduction can already be deduced from its name. If you watch cartoons, then you might know what this means. A snowball, when rolled from the top of a hill, will gather speed and increase in size as it moves. This gives you an idea about what this method of debt reduction and elimination aims to accomplish.

The goal of this method of debt elimination and reduction is to eliminate your debts in a way that resembles what happens to a snowball. This means that it aims to help you start from paying off your small debts slowly and working your way up to the big debts with increasing speed.

How is this done?

1) List all of your debts in order from lowest to highest – This will help you see your goal clearly and allow you to plan. Listing all of your debts will allow you to evaluate them in an orderly manner and this will enable you to plan your debt reduction and elimination strategy clearly.

2) Pay the minimum balance on all debts regularly – Creditors often set a minimum balance that you have to pay regularly on your debt. After you have listed down all of your liabilities, you need to commit yourself to pay their minimum balances regularly. This means that you will be able to slowly reduce all of your debts. However, this is not the main part of the snowball method of debt elimination and reduction.

3) Find out what is the extra amount you can pay – After you have made the minimum payments for all of your listed debts, try to find out if you can spend an extra amount to start paying off your smallest debt. This means that even though you will be reducing all of your debts, your smallest credit will be eliminated much faster than the others.

4) Repeat the cycle – After you have paid off your smallest debt, use the money you have budgeted for the minimum payments to pay off the next debt on your list. This means that the next debt will be accorded the following amounts:

a) The minimum payment for the debt

b) The minimum payment for the previous debt

c) The extra amount that you can afford

As you can see, the budgeted amount for each debt increases as each debt is paid off. This means that you will be able to pay off larger debts much faster; hence, the “snowball” effect. By using this method of debt elimination and reduction, you will be able to shave years off your payment schedule.


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Debt elimination services do so much more than give advice how to pay off your debts. In fact, a debt elimination company today would help you by actually studying your case, talking with your creditors and formulating a good debt elimination plan.

A debt elimination plan will involve a payment system that would not be a burden to you. It will help you eliminate your liabilities through reduced payments and lower fees. So what does it take to come up with a good debt elimination plan?

1) Contacts – The expert working with you should have connections with your creditors. By making use of these contacts, the expert will be able to present them with the debt elimination plan that will help you clear your finances.

Contacts will also be able to provide you with the information you need to come up with a good debt elimination plan. Contacts will be able to serve as couriers and open up the table for negotiations on a debt elimination plan. We all now how important connections are in the world today. By maximizing your resources and making use of your personal network, you can open up the possibility that a company will listen to your need for a good debt elimination plan.

2) Information – You need to gather a lot of information in order to come up with a viable debt elimination plan. You need to know what a company wants and what a company will agree to. This information will help you come up with a debt elimination plan that will benefit both you and the company. Of course, mutual benefit is what your creditor will look for in a debt elimination plan.

You need information in order to predict the effects that a debt elimination plan will have on you. You need information on just how much a debt elimination plan could change your life. This will let you judge whether a debt elimination plan will be the best thing for you. It will also help motivate you by showing you just how much progress you have made in achieving your goal to get rid of your debt.

You also need to get your facts straight in order to come up with a good debt elimination plan. You need information on different financial concerns such as interest rates, projected expenses, etc. You need to have this information so that you can come up with a debt elimination plan that’s realistic.

Remember: a debt elimination plan should not just look good on paper.

3) Commitment – A debt elimination plan is only good if you are willing to stick with it. You need to have commitment if you want a debt elimination plan to work. If a debt elimination plan requires some sacrifice from you, be prepared to make it. Having a debt elimination plan is not just about making promises to your creditors; it is about sticking to that promise.

In order to have a great debt elimination plan, you need to be committed to getting rid of your debts. This means that you should not do anything that will increase your debt. Many people, when they are able to comer up with a good debt elimination plan, think that all the work is already finished. This leads them to start borrowing again and they end up in a worse financial position than before. Remember that planning is easy; it’s following the plan that’s hard.

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How Can Your Attention Be Utilized As Your Energy

Open your horizons. Find quality in small things, not the big ones. A more spiritual orientation brings about observing the details that go by unseen when you look for the big things.


Can you control your attention? The ability to control your attention, to control where you focus your attention, endows you with the ability to create your environment. It furnishes you with energy to do work, study, finish projects, succeed in your endeavors when you can see both the whole picture and also the details, and in general, it enables you to react to situations with enough rationality to direct them toward your objectives. You become aware by focusing your attention on something. Before placing your attention on that something, it didn’t exist for you. Now that you focused on it, you became aware of it and it exists for you. By observing you make things alive in your own universe. And obversely, when you put less attention on something, it tends to disappear. Is your life precisely what you wish it to be? If not, no matter the reason, you can still learn to control your attention, and thereby, learn to create.

Is your attention being controlled by external events when everything disturbs you, when the smallest rustling distracts you? If that is the case, then you certainly don’t know how to handle energy. When instead of being directed by you, your attention is controlled by external events, then your energy too is controlled by external events. We have bodies to learn how to handle energy. An expression of wasting it could be the lack of cash flow as wished. People who have a high concentration level, who can control the flow of their attention, have more energy than others do. It’s not that they have more energy


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After School Safety Tips And Reminders

When parents send their children for after school programs, they take it

for granted that the child is safe. But since the number of children

participating in these activities has increased, it is necessary to look

into safety issues.

Children are vulnerable when they are outside the classes. While going or

returning, they should know the safest route to take. Many kids hang out

with their friends just after these classes. Find out ‘danger zones’ from

your neighbors and make the children aware of these.

The child has to know how to handle emergencies. It is better to discuss

various scenarios with your child. Tell her what she should do in case the

class is suddenly cancelled. Show her the first-aid kit at home and make

sure she knows whom to call in an emergency. Post any important contact

information in a place that is easily accessible to the child. If the

child will be alone at home, discuss a few unexpected things with her.

Tell her to use the safety chain ALWAYS.

Relay on your neighbors and friends when needed. Let your child know who

can be contacted at times of emergency. Ask your child to check in by

phone. Above all, always tell the child to be in a group. Visiting toilets

all alone or going home via isolated streets must be avoided.

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Automotive Sales Leads How To Caputure And Generate Leads From Your Own Website

If you are like most car dealers when prospective buyers visit your current website you only have 2 ways to capture their information.

They must either submit a vehicle inquiry (less than 3% will do) or apply for financing (less than 1% will do), that means 96% of your website visitors are leaving your site without you even knowing who or what they were looking for.

Now some car dealers will have savings certificates and free test drive gifts but that still only captures the “in the market right now crowd.”

Consumers use the internet for information and most of the time they will look and shop a few months before they are actually ready to buy. With your website only offering 2 ways to capture your visitors information and these two methods being designed for ready to buy now consumers it is totally eliminating your chance to follow up with the “not ready to buy at this exact second” crowd which is over 96% of your website visitors.

Studies have also proven that generating automotive leads from your own website offers the best closing ratios however if you do not have effective ways to capture those “ready to buy now” and “just looking” automotive sales leads you will never see the true success of your Internet Sales Department.

You need to look at your current website capture methods and try to incorporate a system that will be able to capture your visitors information no matter where they are at in their own buying cycle.

By focusing your capture efforts and trying to build a large database of email addresses you will have greater success and sell more vehicles online.

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How To Find A Debt Consolidation Service Online

People are generally unaware that you can consolidate your debt online and only consider working with counseling agencies that are either far away or offer rates that are not very competitive.

If you wish to consolidate your debt, you can do it from home! Many financial websites can guide your to companies that specialize in debt consolidation and can also give you guidance about managing your money, making a budget and learning to save.

Once you have chosen a debt consolidator online, your counselor will do an assessment of your personal financial situation and instruct you on the best course of action to take.

Once you have decided on which solution is best for your situation they will help you set up your online debt consolidation plan. In order to do this you will need to have your unsecured debt information handy so that you have all of your account numbers and most recent balances easily accessible.

You will also need to have your household income and expenditures together so that you can set up your own personal household budget.

Once your budget is set, you will know how much of your pay can go towards paying down your debt with your debt consolidation. Then your debt consolidation counselor will contact each of your creditors and negotiate with them about how much you can afford to pay them each month. Often they can also help reduce your interest rates, late payment fees and over limit fees.

After all this is done you will be able to make one payment each month to the debt consolidation company and they will in turn pay each of your creditors.

This way your creditors can be assured of receiving payments each month from you and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that all your bills are paid each month.

So, how do you find an online debt consolidation company? Using any popular search engine you can search for ‘personal credit counselors’, ‘debt management services’, ‘financial education services’ and ‘debt consolidation services’.

It’s best to get a handle on your finances as soon as you realize there is a problem. The worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away, because it won’t. It will only get worse until you take the initiative and do something about it. Good luck!

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Php Seo And Spiders Oh My

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Dynamic database-driven sites have become very popular, and relatively easy to set up and administer, through the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP server-side scripting. It’s also possible to create a fancy-looking site with little actual content, or automatically generated code that can harm your SEO, such as multiple URLs that display identical content.

Search engines are constantly evolving and adapting in response to changes in the way information is presented on the web. Strategies that were once necessary to ensure inclusion of PHP pages are no longer required.

It was once helpful to generate a static HTML version of a PHP page so that all the “includes” could be indexed. Now search spiders “see” all the content on a PHP page, the same way it is viewed in a browser.

It used to be prudent to avoid dynamic URLs containing “? & =” – now, the search engines list URLs with the dynamic variables. However, it is best to compose them with no more than three variables. Some variable-laden URLs may be listed, but without any accompanying content/description, in the search results… Stay tuned for further developments as the search engines refine their methods.

With many hosts running the popular Apache server, developers are expanding the use of PHP by modifying the .htaccess file to allow PHP code processing within HTML documents, and enabling shorter URLs with fewer variables by configuring httpd.conf. Your web hosting provider’s support team should be able to tell you if these features are available for your site.

Implementing a common-sense approach to SEO for your PHP site requires cooperation and coordination among the developer, webmaster, and web host. Beware of “SEO Experts” with “secret methods” and “guaranteed results” – gimmicks that kludge the search spider today might hurt your ranking tomorrow.

A descriptive and catchy page title is one of the key elements of SEO – whether or not your site uses PHP – since it becomes the linked title of your search engine listing. Use the name of your site in the title to encourage branding, along with a brief capsule about the specific page. Remember that the title displays at the top of the browser window and in the menu bar, so keep it brief, less than 160 characters. Avoid using identical titles on multiple pages (this can easily happen with dynamically generated titles) because they may not be listed individually, and if they are listed separately, it’s confusing. Meta tags for description and keywords have become less crucial to SEO – but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them.

The basic principles of SEO that apply to static HTML sites also apply to dynamic PHP sites:

● Provide engaging and valuable content presented in an attractive design.

● Code should be error-free and standards-compliant.

● Use keywords appropriate to your subject matter – don’t be tempted to use “tricks” that might end up hurting your search engine listing.

● Encourage repeat visits with frequent updates, interactive features, membership sign-up, opt-in newsletters and, if appropriate, “freebies” – contests, giveaways, downloads and other resources.

● Encourage linking to your site with copy & paste code. Reciprocal links build partnerships and enhance page rank, but avoid hosting bulky “link farms” and other venues for worthless web site spam.

● Make use of tools provided by the search engines, such as creating a sitemap.

● Educate yourself by reading the search engine faqs, as well as by perusing some independent forums for SEO tips and methods.

Here are a few resources for further information:

Optimizing Dynamic Content

Building Dynamic Pages With Search Engines in Mind

High Rankings(r) Search Engine Optimization Forum > Technobabble > Dynamically Generated Site Issues

Digital Point Forums > Marketing > Search Engine Optimization > PHP, HTML does it matter?

Parsing PHP in .html Files

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Super Affiliates Generating Big Commissions With Online Casino Affiliate Programs

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The most prominent subsidiary business stemming from the online casino industry is that of affiliate marketing. The affiliate market is hugely important to businesses of all size because of the need to reach a huge audience. Affiliates allow casinos to reach out to huge audiences from around the world, the more affiliates that a site can utilise the greater their visibility becomes. From the casinos point of view this marketing asset is made all the better by the fact that they do not have to pay a penny up front for the pleasure of this advertising space. Their brand can be spread throughout the largest market place in the world and it is free. Unlike the rather more expensive pursuits of advertising on billboards, magazines or sponsoring events, there is no up front payment necessary. This is because the affiliate program works on a reward basis; the affiliate supplies the customers the casinos supply the rewards.

However this system of marketing does not simply work in the favour of the huge casinos. The affiliates are amply rewarded for their part in the business equation, with casinos offering anywhere up to 35% for the privilege. Unlike in other affiliate programs, most of the casinos will offer the percentage of a player’s revenue for their entire lifetime, rather than simply for a one off transaction or a couple of months. Therefore the program works adeptly at providing both parties with what they require. The affiliates earn their money by supplying customers, whilst the casinos profit from the new custom and all the potential income that brings. The onus is placed squarely on each affiliate to attract as many people as is possible, in order to generate more revenue for themselves. But in turn this also favours the casinos, which makes the affiliate program one of the most profitable and advertising systems around.

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Book Review Business Plan Secrets Revealed

The key to successfully starting any business is a good business plan. In his ebook, “Business Plan Secrets Revealed,” Mike Elia walks you through the business plan process step-by-step: from gathering the evidence you’ll use to build your plan to delivering your plan to qualified investors.

His book provides the basic information you need to write a business plan. But its real focus is revealing how to communicate your plan to investors and convince them that your business is their best investment choice.

When I first opened Business Plan Secrets Revealed, my heart sank. You see, I had promised Mike I would read his book completely before writing a review. And Business Plan Secrets Revealed is no ordinary ebook with one sentence paragraphs, large fonts and hefty margins. It’s crammed full of information!

But as I began to read, I was pleasantly surprised. Mike’s writing style is engaging and practical, and his explanations simplify difficult concepts. Throughout the book, I felt as though a friend was sitting with me on the back porch, matter-of-factly explaining exactly how to do something. It’s the kind of simple practicality that you can achieve only when you fully understand a subject.

Mike’s clear understanding of business planning concepts results from experience spanning more than 20 years. Mike helps business owners buy, sell and finance their businesses. He has overseen manufacturing and sales locations in more than nine countries. He is a CPA, holds a Masters in Business Administration, and has served as Chief Financial Officer of two publicly held companies.

Business Plan Secrets Revealed starts with tips for collecting and organizing the information you’ll need. From the beginning, Mike concentrates on overcoming your biggest single challenge–bridging the investor confidence gap. In the chapter “Show Me the Numbers,” Mike provides some of the clearest explanations of business financial statements that I’ve ever read If concepts like stockholders’ equity or statements of cash flow make your eyes glaze over, then your salvation has arrived.

Later chapters of Business Plan Secrets Revealed really deliver on Mike’s promise to help you communicate your business plan effectively. There are complete instructions on writing your business plan, including how to get your plan opened and read, and how to avoid nine common writing mistakes. He explains how choosing the right design can make your business plan easier to read. Mike wraps things up by telling you how to prepare for critical face-to-face time with investors, including developing a 60-second, to-the-point, verbal pitch for your business. Tips on finding investors and a resources section complete the book.

I must admit that several times as I was reading, I would ask myself, “Do I really need this much business plan?” This is not a fill-in-the-blanks-and-print-it-out business plan solution. But then I realized–if I’m serious about succeeding, then I do need to know as much as possible about my business up front. Before I’ve started spending money. Before I put myself on the line out in the market.

By the way, I did make it through the whole book. And I confirmed that Mike delivers what he promises on the title page: he teaches you how to quickly gather evidence, build a case for your business, and write a readable plan that attracts investors and makes your business the most appealing investment choice. Even if you already own other business planning resources, I highly recommend Business Plan Secrets Revealed.

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